Project RCA

Fashion as ‘Persona’

which means the mask or appearance one present to the world. It is not a pose a some other intentional misrepresentation of the self to others. Rather, it is the self as self-construed, and may change according to situation and context. While ‘Individuation’ is going on, ‘Personas’ around the ‘self’ are disassembled and one experiences ‘self-realization’ with reassembling the disassembled ‘Personae’.



"Clothes have two incompatible points of view: one is a means of displaying our attractions, while the other is a means of hiding our shame."

‘The Psychology of Clothes’ : Flügel 1930


"Having observed woman making their clothing choices from their wardrobes, she specifically focused on the decisions that go on behind the scenes of public presentations. Her findings confirmed that one cannot fully understand what people wear without looking at the process of selection, and what is rejected is as illuminating as what is selected in the ‘back stage’”

Why Women Wear What They Wear  : Woodward , S 2007



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Sitting means

‘a continuous period of being seated, especially when engaged in a particular activity’. Sitting literally refers to the state where a body is totally engaged in a chair at the same time and the same place under every activity. The chair is made up with skin-coloured transparent tights fabric and a tailored jacket mixed with wood frame. “Hanging a ‘jacket’ on a chair” for me typically means “taking off the outer and starting the engagement of an activity.” Also, the jacket is a ‘medium’ that allows the co-existence between the body and the chair. The tights fabric’s tension is showing a maximum range for the body to be totally engaged in the chair.